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christopher tietjens (dont ask just google and watch)


New still of Chris Pratt in Jurassic World (2015)

i’m a heterosexual man and i’m screaming


Berlin street artistVermibus dissolves advertisements with solvents, giving them an eerie mummified look. 

Watch his video here

tell me about yourself (◡‿◡✿)

name: Rhosyn
age: 21
sexuality: Straight, demisexual
relationship status: Single
eye color: Hazel
height: 5.6

favorite season? Autumn
favorite movie/s?: From Original Indie to funny sci-fi’s. 
favorite album?: Too many to choose from…
favorite band?: Biffy Clyro!!
favorite quote?: ”Embrace your inner lunatic! Fun times guaranteed!” - Skulduggery Pleasant
favorite shirt?: My grey Biffy Clyro t’shirt. 

smoke?: Nah
drink?: Not often
write?: Sometimes, I love it but I’m finding it hard to lately
play an instrument?: I tried to teach myself guitar once…

your favorite place: Home or on a quiet train travelling to see friends far away.
your favorite memory: One of them is arriving at uni for the first time and meeting my house mates for the first time. 
your ideal partner: Dorkey but cute, tall and dark haired and A  GREAT SENSE OF HUMOUR (Im so fussy for an ugly person)
your bedroom: My small cozy box room with everything I need. 
yourself in three words: lazy, ugly, indecisive.



i have so much respect for mark ruffalo tbh bless him also maybe this means he will talk scarlett johansson out of enthusiastically sponsoring brands in occupied territories 


My new favorite actor folks.


Hannibal Lecter meme [2/10 scenes] - Bloodbath Heartbreak

Soska Sisters Express Desire to Guest Direct Hannibal Ep


gif by carrie-whites




whenever im sad i just think about how the welsh word for microwave is popty ping

that.. that helps.

Nobody who actually speaks Welsh uses ‘popty ping’.

Find another language to misrepresent in order to make yourself feel better.


"do you love the character or the person who plays them?"





if people i know online met me in person they’d be surprised by several things like

  • my height
  • my voice
  • exactly how annoying i can be



whenever im sad i just think about how the welsh word for microwave is popty ping

that.. that helps.


The body tasked with rating films for screening in the United States has given a film about an aging gay couple and their extended families an R-rating in a sign that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) may itself have fallen behind community standards.

The MPAA gave Love Is Strange, starring John Lithgow and Alfred Molina as a couple who have been together for four decades but who are forced to move in with their families, the rating supposedly for ‘language’ used in the film – though many are saying the decision is just plain homophobic.

There are no nude scenes in Love Is Strange, no drug use, and no sex scenes. The raciest the film gets is two scenes where Molina and Lithgow are asleep in the same bed while fully clothed.

The MPAA has been called out over the issue by New Jersey Star-Ledger film reviewer Stephen Whitty who noted two other films released this month that got the same rating.

‘On Friday, “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” will be released in a wide number of theaters. It features nudity, sexual situations and substance abuse,’ Whitty wrote in a column posted online yesterday.

‘Every woman in it is a stripper, a prostitute or a murderer. There is violence and graphic gore, including one scene of a man having his eye plucked out and another of a man having his fingers broken with a pliers. It is rated R.

‘That day, “Jersey Shore Massacre” also reaches theaters. It features nudity, sexual situations, substance abuse and ethnic and racial slurs. There is violence and graphic gore, including one scene of a woman being disemboweled, another of a naked woman getting her breasts sliced open and one of a man having his hands fed into a wood chipper. It is rated R.’

‘If there’s an equivalence among these three films, and their equal unsuitability for anyone under 17, it’s lost on me — and, I suspect, on anyone but the censors at the MPAA.’

Whitty said it would be unthinkable that the film would have been given an R-rating had it starred veteran actors Robert Duval and Jane Fonda as an aging straight couple in the same situation.

‘This is a gentle, if often heartbreaking story about two loving men in a long-time committed relationship,’ Whitty wrote, ‘What on earth is in it that so horrifies the MPAA? I’m sorry. I think I just answered my own question.’

Under the MPAA rating system an R-rating implies that a film ‘contains some adult material [and] parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their young children with them.

ha, I did not expect to enjoy it that much but the new Most Haunted episode was pretty entertaining. At first i found it a tad amateurish as though they’re starting from scratch and don’t have the seriousness as Ghost Adventures take it, such as the gadgets and the debunking stuff, but the white tape moving about and generally fucking up the minds of Karl and the new dude. Also the ‘nice old lady’ with the bulb, too funny. Also, that Jake fellow  (poltergeist) that follows Yvette and Karl around? Creepy

aww I like Carl too, I actually like Yvette a lot too but people don’t like her that much, but their relationship is sweet. Anyway, I don’t know if it’s gonna be good but might as well watch the ‘return’

aww good ol’ stuart still on most haunted